• Custom workout plans to do ANYWHERE
  • "LIVE" workout and coaching from Steph each week.
  • On-going accountability from a community of women all over the world
  • Motivation & Mindset encouragement weekly from Steph


December Enrollment Coming Soon!


This program is about movement and mood first. If we can chase a feeling versus a result, we will always find success. “Strong and Grounded” vs “Lose Weight”. Check in...which resonates more? I know (for me) that the latter stresses me out. Aiming for strong and grounded sends me into action. That’s what we are here to do...take action. Action for YOU and only YOU...for about 30 minutes a few times a week


  • You download the Seconds Pro app* to your phone and purchase a resistance band* (links will be provided).
  • You will get a monthly workout PDF with links to tutorials of all the exercises.
  • You will get customized workout timers to use via the Seconds Pro app.
  • Steph will do the workout "LIVE" each week with cues and coaching for you to follow.

"LIVE" Workouts with Steph Each week you can workout "LIVE" with Steph where she will do the workout with you while coaching/cueing you along the way!!


Community/Accountability Our online private forum serves as a home for sharing wins, challenges and all the HIGH-FIVES! Steph will also email you virtual "high-fives" a few days a week for a quick dose of encouragement.

Workout Timer Each week you'll get a customized timer to download into your Seconds Pro app on your device. Each week the workouts get a bit harder in intensity AND you have these timers FOREVER!!!

Bodyweight Exercises The workouts are primarly designed with bodyweight calisthenics but also incorporate the use of a resistance band making it easy to workout ANYWHERE!

WHAT'S THE BUZZ?! Here's what women are saying... 

"I’ve been in this beta program with Steph for two weeks and I’m absolutely loving the workouts and the community. I never feel anything but encouraged , supported and heard! The workouts are tough but manageable and always diverse so I never feel bored. Steph is quick to be able to suggest modifications which is an important quality for longevity. If you are looking for a kick ass program that’s delivered with respect and reality Steph is the way to go. Do it! I did and I feel amazing." -Shea 

"This is the first "at-home" exercise program that has ever worked for me. The combination of having a set timer so my workout is totally mapped out combined with a community that I can check in with has made all the difference. I have worked out more in the last two weeks then I have in the last two months! Stephanie's exercises are super clear and easy to follow and get increasingly harder so I feel I am being challenged as I get stronger. I can't say enough about this awesome program!" - Rachael 

"I AM A BELIEVER! Between the live workouts each week from Steph, to the online community board, to the personal high five buddy? I am in 100% I really feel like this is a sustainable road to fitness happiness. Working out for my health (mental and physical) and not my appearance, has been a huge revelation, and I have never felt more confident, SEEN, and supported. I will be doing this program as long as it exists, and I hope that means until we are all living in Florida together like the Golden Girls, but also crushing workouts on the reg." - Nancy

"I feel powerful. I recently had a baby and my body hasn’t been feeling much my own. Having this 30 min workout in my back pocket has helped me to workout when I can where I can. I don’t feel bad if it doesn’t get done but boy do I feel good when it does get done!" - Devon

"I’m loving the sense of community I’m finding with these women as well as the flexibility that this program provides. It’s so nice to be able to work out in my living room, a gym, or anywhere else as long as I have my resistance band." - Lisa


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